On my tombstone please write “Not appreciating my puns when I was alive was a grave mistake”

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Throwback to Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios (2013). Miss Lane dressed as Padme Amidala in what is referred to as the Pastel Lake Gown from Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.  I created the costume for her, and completely hand dyed the fabric. I simulated the shell necklace of the original with irridescent organza and gold fabric paint. She was 18 months old when she wore it. :)

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10 Quotes: Sense of Humour of Pope John XXIII


1. Visiting a hospital he asked a boy what he wanted to be when he grew up. The boy said either a policeman or a pope. “I would go in for the police if I were you,” the Holy Father said. “Anyone can become a pope, look at me!”

2. “It often happens that I wake up at night…

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if u know ur myers briggs personality type please check this out it is literally the coolest thing ever

So I share a personality type with Buffy Summers, Leslie Knope, Caetlyn…



if someone is mean to you, don’t be mean back. talk to them, get to know them, be good friends, find out all the kinds of books/movies/tv series they love

then spoil it


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Dining Etiquette Around The World, an infographic by Restaurant Choice

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are these relevant or clichés to you?

this is very interesting and fascinating. i know from personal experience as a korean also not to stick my chopsticks upright in rice because it resembles incense at a funeral and is considered to be an omen/bad luck

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C major: What instrument(s) do you play?
c minor: What discourages you about studying music?
C♯ major: What do you love about your teacher?
c♯ minor: What are you jealous of in other players?
D major: Who is your favourite composer and why?
d minor: What performance do you wish you had never heard?
E♭major: What attracts you to studying music?
e♭minor: What is your most mortifying performance moment?
E major: What part of your playing are you most proud of?
e minor: What is the most difficult thing about your instrument?
F major: What was the most memorable performance you ever attended?
f minor: Would you give up music? What would be the reason?
F♯major: What is your proudest performance moment?
f♯ minor: What is your greatest music-related fear?
G major: What is your favourite thing about your instrument?
g minor: What are your bad practicing habits?
A♭major: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
a♭minor: What is your least favourite part of your musical community?
A major: What is the greatest music-related advice you've ever been given?
a minor: What instrument(s) do you wish you played?
B♭major: What is your favourite part of practicing?
b♭minor: What aspect of your teacher frustrates you?
B major: What is your favourite part of your musical community?
b minor: Who is your least favourite composer and why?

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Are your friends mainly girls or guys? - I’d say that my inner circle of really close friends is mostly girls (actually my 3 closest friends are two girls and my boyfriend) but my larger group of friends are mostly guys (and mostly band people).

Thanks for the ask!

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3 random facts:

1.  I play the trombone, but want to pick up the tuba over the summer

2.  I started collecting free sunglasses this year and accumulated seven pairs

3.  I really want to go ziplining this summer

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Role Model:  My Mom :)  

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My favorite girl’s name is Elanor Elizabeth and my favorite boy’s name is Thomas Ignatius.